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  • Subway Gloves

    Cashmere soft, lightweight with a luxurious silky feel to fashionably protect while on the subway, bus, train, airplane — everywhere you travel and germs are close at hand.

  • Comfortably Agile

    Designed to comfortably fit and provide fingertip agility when handling touch screens, electronic devices,coins, keys, cash, or credit cards. Ideal for postal workers, tellers, cashiers—anyone who handles money on the job.

  • Don’t Spread it Around

    Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial bamboo yarn checks the spread of contagion. Conventional gloves may provide an invisible breeding ground for germs to linger, multiply and spread.

  • Get Glovd

    Constructed using 100% mechanically processed, eco-friendly, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial bamboo yarn.

    One size fashionably protects you and your family from contact with flu virus and harmful bacteria.

  • Get Going

    You can’t always be near soap and water. And as far as hand sanitizers go — well, sometimes too much of a good thing can be harmful.

  • Cashmere Soft Protection

    Fashionably designed to comfortably fit men, women and children. Silky to the touch, Get Glovd provides an effective defense. Learn how you can have safety and luxury. GET THE FACTS

    Get Glovd™ Now!


    Get Shaking

    For a limited time when you buy two pair, we’ll ship your order anywhere in the continental US for FREE.

      GetGlovd Naturally Anti-bacterial bamboo gloves is upfront